Hand Knit Holiday Gifts


Every year for the holidays, I like to give my daughters’ teachers something hand knit as a thank you. I try and choose a new project each year so that I don’t get bored of knitting the same thing multiple times.  I’ve done fingerless gloves, wraps, and this year’s gift – scarves.

I usually buy my yarn for these projects in March on clearance at either my LYS or online and I try to choose a pattern that is relatively mindless.  Then, through the summer and fall, I bring these projects on car trips and to sports practices and doctor appointments (urgent care visits are great for knitting).

For this year’s scarf project, I started off using Purl Soho’s Diagonal Twist Scarf pattern.  It was easy once I got the hang of it.  After knitting the first scarf in this, I decided to find a new pattern for the last two.  I thought the yarn I selected was a little to stiff for this pattern and I wasn’t thrilled that the front and back were different (I’m a little OCD about this when you can easily see both sides).

Diagonal Twist Scarf

For the last two, I chose Purl Soho’s Double Seed Stitch Scarf pattern.  I LOVE seed stitch even though I find it a little painful to knit.  These scarves knit up beautifully and I was happy both with the weight and drape of the yarn using this pattern.

Seed Stitch Scarf

And since I’m on the subject of holiday gifts, I also wanted to share these fingerless gloves.  This pattern, called Vancouver Fog, from Jen Balfour is my favorite fingerless glove pattern I’ve found so far.  I love the fit and design.  Plus, the cables make them look very challenging to make (although they are easy).  When I have some leftover yarn, I will try and knit a pair up so that I have them on hand for last minute gifts.

Vancouver Fog


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