Knitted Hat Holiday Ornaments

Since moving to the South, I have noticed that holiday decorating is taken very seriously down here.  So seriously that most everyone I know has more than one Christmas tree.  Well, last Christmas my family’s ornaments finally outgrew our one tree and we succumbed to a second tree.

I actually sent my husband out to get a small tree (I was thinking 2-3 feet), and he came back with a full size one, which we put in our sun room/kid craft room.  Once it was decorated, it looked very empty, so my daughters spent the whole season making ornaments for the tree, and then I received a few homemade ornaments that I added, and suddenly a new family tradition was born.

My daughters spent some time going through our ornaments and deciding what to make this year, and I decided to add my own too.  I had come across this free pattern from Kelbourne Woolens a while ago.  I decided on just making the hats using some left over Shibui Staccato.

Tiny Hats2

I had lots of fun with the colors and patterns, and each hat took under an hour to knit, so it was a quick project.  I still have plenty of left over yarn, so I may be making more of these to attach to gifts this year.

Tiny Hats1

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