Wrap Skirt

Fabric: Waistband/Ties – thrifted fabric; Main Skirt – Dark Blue Denim-Like Cotton Chambray from Mood fabrics

Pattern: The Versatile Wrap Skirt by Make It Perfect purchased from IndieSew.com


I wanted to reconnect with garment sewing using something simple, and I had a cotton fabric very similar to the Mood fabric I eventually used in my stash.   I bought this fabric with the intention of making a wrap skirt for my daughter, but she did not like it, so I did a little searching and found a wrap skirt pattern for me.

Problem #1: while I had enough fabric yardage-wise, the shape of it was off, so I couldn’t get the back cut on the grainline the same way as the sides.  I decided to go ahead anyway and use it as a muslin or a test run since I haven’t sewn anything for myself in years.

I really took my time finishing seams and pressing the garment after every step.  A lot of times I’m in a rush to get a project finished and move on, but this time I (1) really wanted to get the practice in to improve my garments and (2) the skirt was seasonably inappropriate, so I couldn’t wear it anyway.

I made the skirt using the pattern as given (I decided not to put a contrasting band on the bottom), tried it on, and …. not so much.  I was pleasantly surprised that the grainline issue was really not as big of a problem as I thought.  You had to really get close to notice.  If it had fit, I would have kept it.  BUT…  or maybe I should say butt …. the back of the skirt was a lot shorter than the front.  And I have committed myself to really making clothes that fit because that’s a huge part of making my own wardrobe.

Luckily with a wrap skirt, there’s really only one reason that it wouldn’t fit, and that’s because it needed a full butt adjustment.  After countless YouTube videos, I felt pretty confident, and dived right in.  I modified the pattern for my butt and also added another inch to the hem and some more length to the ties while I was at it.

I wish I taken some pics of the first version before I cut it up for scraps, so I could have shown the difference – lesson learned for next time.  After I finished it, it looked pretty darn good, but I was too afraid to try it on!  It sat on my desk for at least 1 day before I worked up the courage.

Looking in the mirror was an incredible high.  Yes – there are some minor things that make this skirt not perfect.  But, for the most part, my butt adjustment worked (I am seriously so proud of myself).


I made the bottom a little but more bell-shaped than I intended when I extended the hem and accidentally created these points where the sides attach to the back (which I fixed by ripping out the hem, pressing them out, and re-hemming).  Also – there is a slight gathering at my lower back when I tie the skirt at my natural waist.  I suspect this is caused by the placement of my full butt adjustment on the pattern.

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