Preppy Sun Dress

Fabric: Thrifted cotton plaid

Pattern: McCall’s 7120, View D

I finally decided it was time to work my way through the Sewing StartUp Library class on Craftsy that I had purchased on sale a while ago, and this McCall’s pattern is the one that comes with the class.  When you buy the class, you have to specify which size pattern to purchase, so I looked at the measurements and picked a size L based on the bust.  Then I began watching the class and apparently, the big 4 uses a high bust measurement.


Is this some big sewing secret that everyone except me knows?  I find no mention of this anywhere – not the sewing blogs I read, or the podcasts I listen to, or even the few links I clicked about measuring yourself.  It was also mentioned that indie patterns tend to use full bust measurements.   I did eventually find this in a very confusing article about measuring yourself on the McCall’s website.  However, I had already ordered a size L when I really needed the medium, which was not in the packet I ordered.

I debated attempting to grade the pattern, but in the end, I decided that I was taking this class to learn more about sewing garments, and to focus on the techniques first, then I would worry about fit.  That being said, I found the class highly valuable, even though I know my way around the sewing machine quite well.  I was very happy with the dress I ended up with (I even managed to match my plaids pretty well – one side seam is perfect, but the other is off about 1/4″).

The dress is definitely too large though.  The style and the belt keep it from being a complete throw away, but it will probably turn into an around-the-house-only dress or a pool coverup.  But, for a first dress, not too shabby.  And while taking the photos for this post, I discovered that my favorite look is where I moved the belt to create an empire waist (being short waisted, this style is more flattering).



3 thoughts on “Preppy Sun Dress

  1. I’ve been sewing for years and just a few weeks ago discovered the high bust measurement used by these companies. I always wondered why my makes were a bit tight in the bust. I guess there are two of us that missed that memo!


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