New Look 6296

I couldn’t resist this pink unicorn fabric on my last shopping trip.  My girls are super into unicorns – like everyone else right now.  Normally, they hate to be all matchy-matchy, but they both loved the fabric.  For my older daughter, I made view C.  My younger daughter got the dress (view B).


I also had a little bit of this tie dye my younger daughter fell in love with.  I made her a new mermaid skirt (insert tutorial), which was such a favorite, we’ve gone through several of them.  With the left over fabric, I made her a View C tank.  This gets much more use than the dress.


The palm tree print was a fabric I picked up in Israel on a recent trip.  I love to buy fabric or yarn when I travel because (1) searching out these items is fun and since shops are not usually located in the touristy areas, I feel you get to see a lot more of the local neighborhoods and (2) this makes a great souvenir for me or a great gift for someone else that was on the trip.

I bought 2 tropical prints in Tel Aviv, and as the man was cutting this palm print (I asked for 3 meters), he kept having to pull off pieces with imperfections.  When I finally got my good 3 meters, he then gave me all the imperfect pieces for free!  The kids pattern pieces are small enough to work around the imperfections plus they don’t get uptight when the pattern doesn’t match on the seams, so I lugged it all home (there was much cursing during packing).  I almost bought a new pattern for them, but resisted the urge.  This time I made them both View A, with the knot on the back.


I have a rule of three makes before a pattern becomes a favorite so this one qualifies!

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