Melville Cropped Tee

attern: Melville Cropped Tee

Yarn: Purl Soho Linen Quill in Stillwater Blue

I am in love with this tee.  This is one of those projects where the end result was far better than I even imagined.  I conceived of this design as a layering piece to throw on over a tank on chilly mornings and evenings.  I wanted something simple, but not boring, so I decided to place one large cable off-center and use purl stitches for the rest of the body to make the pattern stand out.


I decided to try and make this seamless just for fun.  Under normal circumstances, I am neutral on seaming.  Personally, I think I created more work, but hey… no seams at the end.  I worked the top back flat, then shaped the shoulders using short rows and worked the front flat, then joined them in the round underneath the arms.

I actually knit this over a year ago and have been wearing it constantly.  It’s perfect over a tank and jeans or over a dress.  I am excited to try it out in a cotton or silk for a completely different look and both my girls will be getting a version of this too.

Linen Quill is some of my absolute favorite yarn.  I love the depth of colors and the way the color shifts depending on the light.  Here’s another shot where the lighting brought out the brown in the yarn.


It took me a few tries to get the neckline the way I like it.  I have finally figured out to err on the side of fewer stitches so it pulls the neck in slightly and doesn’t look stretched out.  The beauty of this pattern is that I can substitute different cable patterns in very easily.  I am thinking it would look good with a wheat ear design as well, or maybe a few narrower strips for a more polished look.

Very excited to make more and fingers crossed that others love this design just as much!

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