My name is Jessica Henderson.  I have always loved making things with fiber, but it wasn’t until having kids that I turned my attention specifically to garments.

I have always loved sewing, and I love being able to sit down and have a completed project in a short amount of time, but once we outgrew nap time, it was hard finding time to sew.  A friend re-introduced me to knitting, and I haven’t put down my needles since.  I began by knitting from patterns, then modifying patterns for fit, and finally creating my own to get exactly what I wanted.

I’ve always been frustrated while shopping for clothing – never able to find quite exactly what I wanted in the fit I wanted.   After having great success in finally loving my sweaters, I decided to turn my attention to sewing now that my kids are in school.

This blog is a record of all my projects (the good and the bad) in all phases of my skills.