Pony Tank

Pattern: Pony Tank by Chalk & Notch

For my first version of this, I used a gray and pink printed knit purchased at a local fabric store in Atlanta (Fine Fabrics).  I originally bought a TON of this fabric because I loved it and my girls loved it and I wanted to have enough to make everyone something.  I sized down and made a size 10 (my bust measurement is right in between a 10 and 12).  I love this tank, but it is slightly too small across the bust so I get a few armpit wrinkles.

After wearing it all summer, I decided to size up to the size 12 for my next one.  Originally I thought I would grade just the bust up to a size 12 because I like the fit everywhere else, but the difference between the 10 and 12 was pretty small, so I went with the 12 all over.  I only had 1.5 yards of this rust color knit (I bought it for my oldest, but she hated the color) and so I ended up having to cut the back in 2 pieces on the bias and seaming it up the center back.

It’s flattering without being too tight or too loose.  I like the length which looks good with shorts and with pants.  Here are some action shots from a recent trip:

I was just in one of those moods where I took lots of shortcuts.  I didn’t press a single thing or re-do anything I wasn’t thrilled with – it was good enough.  So my hem looks wonky and I have some puckering along the neckband.  I honestly can’t tell much difference between these sizes.  I still get armpit wrinkles, which I now think can be solved by making a small broad back adjustment, but honestly, it’s not bad enough to really bother me.  I actually like the vertical seam detail along the back.

For my third version, I used an army green knit that I had in my stash.  I only had 2 yards of this fabric, so I made it with a seam down the back (but this time all the pieces are cut in the same direction).  I made the size 12 again. I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern.

I had been stuck in the planning phase of sewing projects for way too long and had a massive feeling of project overload.  I would get all excited to sew and then go up to do it and become totally overwhelmed with the time commitment, so I committed to doing 1 small sewing step each day.  After months of ‘planning’ I finished in a little over a week of actual sewing (I didn’t do any weekend sewing).  The V neck is a little off-center (the neckband seam doesn’t quite line up correctly), but overall, I’m happiest with the construction of this one.  Maybe because I actually took my time and didn’t rush through it.  Go figure.

I’ve been wearing all three versions of this tank.  I like them best as layering pieces in the fall and winter because the shape looks better with skinny pants (it’s way too hot to wear pants here in the summer).  They look fine with shorts, but not with any of the a-line skirts I love in the summer.

This pattern had passed my three makes rule, which means it gets to move to my keep pile!  I’ll definitely be making a few more in the future in other neutral colors.



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