Still Waters Sleeveless Knit

Introducing the Still Waters Sleeveless Knit!  I designed this simple and versatile garment as an under layer for a button down or cardigan, or as a single layer for cool spring/fall days.


I was looking for something a little warmer than my standard cotton tank to wear underneath a button down shirt on days that were cold, but didn’t want the bulk of sleeves nor the extra warmth (it rarely gets cold enough here in GA for 2 heavy layers).

This piece was knit using Purl Soho’s Linen Quill yarn in Stillwater Blue.  The color is absolutely gorgeous in this yarn.  There are very subtle shades of dark blues, browns, and grays.  I picked this yarn for the colorway and also for the linen/wool blend – two fibers designed to regulate body temps in heat and cold.


The neckline is a high crew with a small rolled collar.  There is a very subtle texture change between knit and purl stitches in the shape of a “V” to give some added interest.  The bottom has a simple garter stitch hem.  The fit is close, but not tight with a slight flare from the bust to the hips.


This is the first women’s pattern of mine that I have graded and written down, so if you have any questions, or something looks off, please let me know (nicely)!

You can download the pattern on Ravelry.


2 thoughts on “Still Waters Sleeveless Knit

  1. I just bought this pattern from my yarn place. The owner suggested to do it with circular needles. But I don’t know how to work the pattern…help


    1. Are you wanting to knit it in the round or just use circular needles?

      If you want to knit it in the round, you will have to (1) cast on front and back sts and join in the round, (2) work row 1 front plus row 1 back, (3) work row 2 front plus row 2 back, etc. It is much easier (I think) to work it in 2 flat pieces, but I totally get that some people hate to seam.

      If you just want to use the circular needles, you work them just like regular needles. I personally like them better. You can fit more sts on them and I’m not as worried about sts falling of the ends when I’m not working. You simply ‘forget’ they are tied together and work one row, then turn your project and work back the other way.

      Shoot me an email if you still need help at


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