Wanderlust Tee

Fabric: Jersey Knit Stripes Ivory/Silver (polyester) from fabric.com

Pattern: Wanderlust Tee by Fancy Tiger Crafts

I chose this pattern and fabric to test my new serger that I got for Christmas!  I wanted to make a cropped, boxy tee to go with a high waisted skirt I already have.  The fabric was purchased for something else, but luckily I always buy 3 yards just in case, so I had enough for this tee and for the other project.

First, OMG – why did it take me so long to get a serger!!!!  I love it!  I still maintain you can use a sewing machine for this project, but the serger was so easy, and I love the results.  I will be finishing most of my seams with it from now on.  I had a blast running scraps through it and boring everyone else in my household to tears with my samples I insisted on showing them.


This pattern was easy and fast.  I had a little trouble with the neckline, where I missed a spot and then had to go back and made it not so even with the rest, but it’s not overly noticeable.  I love the sleeves on this pattern, and can see making a couple of these and lengthing some of them to get some great loose tees to go with skinny jeans.  I chose to make it without the pocket to dress it up a little (and because I really just wanted to use the serger and putting on the pocket was the first step).


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